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SAP 2014!


December 3, 2014


Useful Tools


PAEI Management Styles 

Performance Problems?

Authority VS Power

S.L.O.W. Conflict Resolution

 More Conflict Resolution Techniques

Time Management

Strategic Planning Basics

Interrelationship Digraph

Emotional Intelligence and Managing Your Emotions

Deming's 14 Points of Management





"The reward of a thing well done

is to have done it.”


- Ralph Waldo Emerson



Professional Development  Workshops and Seminars


These are just some of the topics for lectures and workshops we've presented. Topics are usually custom designed to fit each organization's particular needs. If you have a topic you would like developed, we will work with you to provide just the right program.



Executive Coaching & Professional Development

The New Work Habits for Job Success

The Leader in You

PAEI Management Styles

Personality Styles and Dealing With Change

Managing Work Place Stress

        - Staying Cool Calm and Collected

        - Effective Stress Relieving Methods

Managing Your Emotions in the Work Place

        - Self-Assessment of your Emotional Intelligence

        Basics of Emotional Intelligence

Conflict Resolution Techniques That Work

        - SLOW

Coaching Skills for Performance Improvement

Managing Behavior

Empowering Your Employees

Accountability in the Work Place

Effective Rewards in the Work Place

        - Positive and Negative Consequences

        - Giving Rewards and Praise

        - Reprimands That Work

Motivating People, Improving Performance

Professionalism in the Work Place

Presentation Skills

Managing Effective Not-for-Profit Boards

Personal Efficiency and Time Management

Facilitating Organizational Change

Continuous Improvement

Managing Projects Successfully

Problem Solving Techniques That Work

        - Continuous Improvement Process

        - Creativity and Brainstorming

Statistical Process Controls and Quality Improvement

Systems Thinking

Involving Employees in the Process

Deming's 14 Points of Management

Strategic Planning

Vision and Mission and What it Means for Your Team

How to Create a Vision and Mission That Works

Facilitating Effective Meetings

Getting Your Board on Board!

Defining Performance Standards That Work

Getting From Strategic Planning to Implementation



Team Building

Team Accountability

Team Building Tools

Building a High Performance Team

Using Humor in the Work Place

Customer Service Excellence and You

Finding Your Customer Service Magic

Dealing With Diversity


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“I have known Ernie for over ten years and have always been impressed by his professionalism, knowledge and experience. He truly cares for his clients and helps them to reach peak performance.”


Jan Weakland

Sales and Marketing Capabilities Project Manager, BP



“E.A. Lewis Consulting was hired to assist in efforts to improve morale in a warehouse environment. Ernie achieved such positive results that we expanded his project to include our sales and management teams!”


- George Evanoff

General Manager



"I have hired Ernie for eight years as a trainer for my Leadership Toledo classes and will continue to do so. He does a terrific job as an individual and team developer. He is bright, active, fun and creative. Ernie is also a wonderful volunteer to many organizations and causes. He is an all around class act! Contact Ernie. You will be glad you did.”


- Dave Schlaudecker

Executive Director

Leadership Toledo



“Ernie is a master at bringing people to common ground and helping both individuals and companies reach their potential.”


- Mary Kern

Director of Information Services

University of Toledo Foundation



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