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"The reward of a thing well done

is to have done it.”


- Ralph Waldo Emerson



A basic conflict resolution process, SLOW works well for individuals that need a simple and practical process to help them resolve conflicts in the work place.




If you see a problem, you are part of the solution.


State the Problem Specifically

  • State the problem from each person's viewpoint.  Use “I …” statements and speak only for yourself.

i.e.      "I feel angry."  "I feel criticized."   "I don't understand."

  • Come to agreement on the problem.  Without agreement, both parties will expect a solution addressing their needs alone.  Hence, no problem solving will be able to happen.

Listen To Understand

  • Ask questions.  When you ask questions, you get better clarity as to what the problem really is.

  • Respond with empathy

                        -Share what you feel

                        -Reflect the feelings of others

                        -Understand the source

  • Dispel rumor and gossip.  Stick to the facts.

  • Determine causes

See the Opportunity for Improvement

  • Mistakes happen.  Give the benefit of the doubt.

  • Ask yourself if you are seeing all the possibilities.

Work Directly With All Involved for a Win-Win

  • Stay task oriented

  • Target solutions together, implement together, follow-up together

Healthy organizations are based on mutual trust and mutual respect for which openness and honesty are stepping stones. If you would like to learn more about SLOW and other conflict resolution techniques, or need help in resolving a conflict, call today!




“I have known Ernie for over ten years and have always been impressed by his professionalism, knowledge and experience. He truly cares for his clients and helps them to reach peak performance.”


Jan Weakland

Sales and Marketing Capabilities Project Manager, BP



“E.A. Lewis Consulting was hired to assist in efforts to improve morale in a warehouse environment. Ernie achieved such positive results that we expanded his project to include our sales and management teams. Ernie was also instrumental in our efforts to implement cost saving procedures. I highly recommend E.A. Lewis Consulting.”


- George Evanoff

General Manager



"I have hired Ernie for eight years as a trainer for my Leadership Toledo classes and will continue to do so. He does a terrific job as an individual and team developer. He is bright, active, fun and creative. Ernie is also a wonderful volunteer to many organizations and causes. He is an all around class act! Contact Ernie. You will be glad you did.”


- Dave Schlaudecker

Executive Director

Leadership Toledo


“Ernie is a master at bringing people to common ground and helping both individuals and companies reach their potential.”


- Mary Kern

Director of Information Services

University of Toledo Foundation



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