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"The reward of a thing well done

is to have done it.”


- Ralph Waldo Emerson



Discovering Your Management Style - PAEI

• Learn to assess people’s management style quickly and easily

• Examine how different personality styles interact in the workplace

• Move destructive conflict to constructive conflict

• Discuss the problems caused by mismanagement

• Build complimentary teams for high performance



PAEI Management Styles was developed by international consultant Dr. Ichak Adizes over thirty years ago. PAEI* stands for the four Adizes Roles of Management. The four roles are; Producer, Administrator, Entrepreneur, and Integrator. When we know our own PAEI management style and the styles of those around us, we can improve how we communicate with our co-workers and thus improve performance.

Ernest's assessment tool takes about five minutes to complete. His quick lecture on the four styles takes about twenty minutes. So in a very short time, we can understand our own PAEI management style and the style of our co-workers. Participants immediately start to make the connections between PAEI and how they make a difference in the work place!

The PAEI Short Course

There are four key management styles/roles.  Some combination of all four makes up our individual profile.  There is no right or wrong combination.  Though the better balance you have between all four styles, the better you can effectively and efficiently deal with a variety of situations.  Hence, you can be a better manager and leader.

Regardless of your PAEI profile today, you can effectively change your profile through learning opportunities, practice and various techniques to be a better manager and leader for tomorrow.  The four styles/roles are:

Producer (P)

Producers like to produce. They stay busy and get things done. They focus on what we are doing and this makes the organization functional. They would rather work than go to meetings. They have no time for filing or planning. They finish one project and are ready to start another. They would rather work alone because they have no time to train others. Need something done? Give it to a Producer.


Administrator (A)

Administrators like to organize. They like rules, systems, and procedures. They focus on how we do our work. If you don’t have a policy, they will create one for you. They make sure we are doing things right, and by the book. Time is a primary orientation. They are on schedule and would like others to be also. Need something organized? Give it to an Administrator.


Entrepreneur (E)

Entrepreneurs are thinkers and risk takers. They create and develop ideas of what to produce in the future. They are energetic and enthusiastic. They are always on the move, sometimes not looking where they are going. Need to start something new? Give it to an Entrepreneur.


Integrator (I)

Integrators bring people together and help people feel involved. Their focus is on who is helping and how well we are working together. This makes an organization “organic,” or interdependent, like a living entity. Need to connect with others or resolve conflicts? Call an Integrator.



*Adizes, Ichak, Corporate Lifecycles, Adizes Institute Inc., 1988.  Learn more about the Adizes Methodology at:



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“I have known Ernie for over ten years and have always been impressed by his professionalism, knowledge and experience. He truly cares for his clients and helps them to reach peak performance.”


Jan Weakland

Sales and Marketing Capabilities Project Manager, BP



“E.A. Lewis Consulting was hired to assist in efforts to improve morale in a warehouse environment. Ernie achieved such positive results that we expanded his project to include our sales and management teams!”


- George Evanoff

General Manager



"I have hired Ernie for eight years as a trainer for my Leadership Toledo classes and will continue to do so. He does a terrific job as an individual and team developer. He is bright, active, fun and creative. Ernie is also a wonderful volunteer to many organizations and causes. He is an all around class act! Contact Ernie. You will be glad you did.”


- Dave Schlaudecker

Executive Director

Leadership Toledo



“Ernie is a master at bringing people to common ground and helping both individuals and companies reach their potential.”


- Mary Kern

Director of Information Services

University of Toledo Foundation



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